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Brits leave responsible behaviour at home when they travel

Elephant in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Adventure travel specialist Explore has announced the findings of a study* into Brits’ behaviour when travelling overseas. With conversations about issues like plastic use and energy consumption intensifying, responsible tourism is a hotter topic than ever. And, while our habits at home are increasingly being adapted to conserve energy and minimise waste, it seems that these habits are being neglected once we’re on holiday. Here are the headlines…

We’re 50% less likely to recycle on holiday
While most people (77%) frequently recycle at home, only 38% do so when on holiday. We’re also 60% less likely to reuse towels for more than a day or two, or to turn off lights and appliances when we’re abroad.

Explore consciously strikes to reduce wastage and minimise environmental impact via its small group trips. The company’s new Responsible Tourism Pledge asks customers and staff to travel with a reusable water bottle, to reuse towels and sheets and turn off lights and water when not in use; just like at home.

We’re not always ‘keeping it local’
28% of those surveyed prefer a British guide on holiday. But it’s by travelling with a local leader that visitors can get under the skin of a destination and better understand the place they’re visiting. Explore trips include local hotels and homestays, and recommend local restaurants, meaning a more authentic experience for the traveller and direct economic benefit for the communities visited. Win-win.

Local guide Bali

We love our wildlife – even out of its natural environment

30% of surveyed tourists would enjoy a zoo visit to see wildlife; 23% would take an elephant safari and 28% would like to swim with dolphins.

Explore is raising awareness of the dangers of visiting animals in unnatural environments. The company works hard to ensure the wildlife we love is preserved – by visiting sanctuaries, where important conservation work is done, rather than zoos and banning elephant rides. The company works closely with wildlife charities to promote education and conservation, which always go hand in hand. And of course, anywhere that sells shark fin soup or ivory is absolutely off limits.

Explore has created a 12-point Pledge, outlining a few little tips for travellers to minimise any negative impact on the destination they visiting, and to ensure they’re always welcome back.
Explore's responsible travel pledge

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