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Ten reasons to hire a classic campervan

Reasons to hire a classic campervan with New Forest Safari Campers

There are actually a million reasons why you should hire a classic campervan next holiday.

But here are the ten best that our friends over at New Forest Safari Campers know of…

1. The freedom – freedom to stay in a different place each night. Freedom to escape the crowds and to find your own, perfect space to be.

2. Going abroad is getting expensive – well, have YOU checked out the exchange rate recently? Plus, it takes so long to get there and as for airports…

3. It’ll prise the children away from their screens. Our vans don’t do Wi-Fi so say hello to your kids again – the novelty of being in a VW Camper never seems to wear off, especially if they’re a Peppa Pig fan (and if they are, you’ll know what we mean!)

10 reasons to hire a campervan with New Forest Safari Campers

4. You can bring your pet. Some of our vans take dogs, so no extortionate kennel fees for you and no separation anxiety for your pet. And imagine what fun they’ll have, snuffling round the New Forest.

5. The wildlife. The New Forest is teaming with it, including deer, badgers, foxes and owls (you can go to sleep listening to their hoots) as well as our world-famous ponies, gentle donkeys (and their adorable foals) and, if you’re lucky, Pannage pigs hoovering up acorns during the autumn.

6. Britain – especially our corner of it, is filled with fascinating places to stay and visit. Hit the road to nearby Hurst Spit; with lighthouse and castle, it’s the perfect snapshot of the New Forest coast. Or travel to Dorset’s Corfe Castle in the heart of the Purbecks and Enid Blyton Country (she based Kirrin castle on Corfe).

7. The convenience. If the British weather does its thing, you’ll still be warm and dry – and able to cook up some soup or other tasty treats on board. No wet, cold sleeping bags; no wet, cold children. And remember, because there’s no baggage allowance they will be able to bring all their favourite toys, clothes, books and board games.

8. The chance to have an adventure. Let’s face it, nothing exciting’s going to happen on a beach in Benidorm. Or at an all-inclusive on the Med. But when YOU are the person who chooses where YOU want to go (and you can go somewhere different every day) who knows what you’ll find? The possibilities really are endless.

9. Peace of mind. For the odd occasion when something might go wrong (some of our vans are nearly 50 years old) we run a call-out service. Should the very worst happen, don’t worry – we always keep a van in reserve so you’ll never miss out.

10. Life looks different when you’re in a campervan. Sunnier, more fun, interesting. Trust us – we’ve been doing it for years…

For more information, visit www.newforestsafari.com

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