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When the circus came to town

Moscow State Circus

The Moscow State Circus comes to Southsea every year and I must admit, it’s always been part of the Common furniture; something I’ve not really taken notice of. However, with the excuse of two stepkids and a couple of rare days off during the school holidays, I made it part of this summer’s bucket list.

The big top came to Southsea this week, with the theme of ‘7 Zhelaniy’ or seven wishes – a Russian folklore tale of a flower of seven colours and there’s a moral to the story.

The performance follows the story of the heroine/fair maiden being granted seven wishes by an old man/wizard who hears her crying after she loses her gingerbread man toy. Wizard Wako just so happens to be the guy who stole the nation’s hearts (and made every grown man wince) on Britain’s Got Talent when he bumbled around a trampoline & diving board last year – Vladimir Georgievsky.

Wizard Wako, who also likes to skip with items such as overcoats and bouncy balls, is joined by a washer woman, who also happens to be ace at hula hooping, and the comedy duo provide a little light relief between the death defying leaps, flips and balancing acts.

Trio Atlas in the floating globes

Trio Atlas in the floating globes

Elegant acrobats float and contort themselves within giant bubbles suspended from the ceiling, skaters spin and ‘head bang’ at incredible speed, a springboard troupe see-saw themselves into the air and a ballerina daringly tiptoes across a highwire in the roof of the big top. At times the crowd were silent in suspense of what could happen; at others there were huge cheers and lots of laughter – it really was a fantastic atmosphere.  And I left feeling like I need a change of career – but sadly I’m a bit past it to run away with the circus….

The Moscow State Circus is in town until 26th August or you can catch it at several other locations across the UK.

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