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It is cheaper to travel by London Bus than by Tuk Tuk in Bangkok!

London has long been thought of as one of the most expensive cities in the world, however, when it comes to getting around in an iconic way – it is cheaper to get a bus in London than it is a Tuk Tuk in Thailand

According to a recent piece of research by Travel Republic, considering around the world in 18 ways, a look at iconic modes of transport, it found that it costs, on average, 42p a mile when travelling in London on the iconic red London bus, while whizzing around by Tuk Tuk in Thailand (a mode of transport that is often thought of as being extremely cheap) will cost an average of 94p a mile – over 50p more!

The research also found that of all 18 iconic modes of transport, the Gondola was by far the most expensive, averaging £53 a mile, and while this may not surprise many who have been to Venice, where being a tourist can be expensive, it may shock you to hear that the Dhow Boats of Zanzibar, Tanzania, came in second most expensive, at a whopping £23 a mile.

New York’s yellow cab comes in at a fairly surprising seventh out of 18 (£2.50 a mile), followed by Maldivian seaplanes in eighth place, at only £2 a mile.

For the best value though, by a long long mile (excuse the pun) is Guatemala’s Chicken bus, which costs the equivalent of less than 1p a mile, at 0.03p. Okay, so you may be packed in up to the rafters, two-a-seat, with no air-con, but these much-loved, brightly coloured and characterful iconic modes of transport win hands-down on value.

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