10 minutes with magician Lilly Morello

Lilly Morelly, Magician

While writing a piece for Strong Island on Hallowe’en events, I learned about 23-year-old up-and-coming magician Lilly Morello from Portsmouth, who has been dabbling in magic since she was a child.

What got you interested in magic as a child?

I got the obligatory magic set for Christmas when I was 7. I absolutely loved it and did a magic show for my family after Christmas dinner – after that I got a set for every birthday and Christmas! I remember watching the masked magician, Stephen Mulhern’s Tricky TV and also Dominic Wood on TV, I would constantly annoy my parents with new tricks or making random playing cards appear on the outside of the windows or on the ceiling!

Do you have a signature trick?

Either the card in mouth or the coin in bottle trick. My girlfriend and I designed a version where you have a coin in one hand and bottle in the other – and without even going near the bottle the coin is suddenly in there. It’s fun to watch the reactions with that one!

And, as Lilly performed at the Wave Maiden as part of their Victorian Magic Night, we had to ask…  What is your favourite dish at this fab pub?

It has to be the Pulled Pork Nachos – amazeballs

Give Lilly a follow on Facebook to keep track of where she’s appearing next. And for a sneaky peek at Lilly’s work, take a look at her promo video:

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