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4 places to enjoy raw cake in Southsea

Along with artisan coffee, foraging and street food, raw cakes were tipped to be a big food trend in 2016. Southsea definitely embraced this and the hunger for plant-based cakes is set to grow in 2017, now PETA has declared this year #TheYearOfVegan.

Having meddled with making raw cakes myself (I’m vegan-curious) and subsequently mourning the loss of several food processors, I feel it’s better left to the professionals.

So, here are four of the best places to find raw treats in Southsea:

Southsea Coffee Co

Handmade by in-house raw magicians, Ginger + Peach, you can enjoy a huge selection of cakes made using nourishing seeds, nuts, fruit, veggies, raw cacao and lucuma here. My personal favourites are the Rawsome Carrot Cake and the Hot Ginger Slice (but really, seeing as Ginger + Peach are the only people who have led me to willingly eat mushrooms, basically I’d say yes to anything they make. Ever).

Wild Thyme Wholefoods

This independent wholefood shop and juice bar is full of fairtrade items and local produce. Plus all their food is vegan. They also have a takeaway counter filled to the brim with raw cakes – expect Avocado Chocolate Ganache, Lemonberry Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Orange Cheesecake to feature regularly. Take it away with a fresh coconut on the side and enjoy it on the beach. 

Pie & Vinyl

Not just about pies and records, this place has a rather nice selection plant-powered cakes from Roses Bakery that go perfectly with their small batch coffee. Regulars include Sea Salt Chocolate Cheesecake and Tiramisu. I have to admit, I never have ANY room left after my pie and mash, so luckily they do takeaway for when your carb coma has subsided.

Cinnamon Cafe

The newest kid on coffee shop block the was opened by a group of friends with a passion for coffee and healthy food . The raw cakes on offer here are also made lovingly by Roses Bakery. With a varied menu including everything from protein pancakes to pesto chicken paninis, whatever you choose you’ll be able to enjoy a dose of raw on the side. Regulars include ‘Snickers’ Slices and Chocolate Fudge Tarts – along with delicious protein balls.

  • Do you know where else in Portsmouth or Southsea that does great raw desserts? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll check it out!

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